Donate Us

Donate Us

You are welcome to the official donation page of the All India Yoga Teachers Federation. Here you can contribute to our work for yoga education, yoga teachers, and social welfare by giving some donations according to your capacity.

Your Donations

We will invest the grant made by you in skill development, so that all yoga teachers, disciples and seekers will be given free training and through that the quality and competence in yoga will be developed. The grant given by you can be used to purchase new modern equipment and other materials for their training.

We will, through the grant you have made, provide assistance to those yoga teachers who are unable to work due to any reason, and they need help to live their lives. e.g natural calamity

We will help the illiterate and destitute children in the society as much as possible to drive them on the path of education with the amount of donation. So that our society can be educated and we can fulfill the dream of a self-reliant India.

Even today, in some communities, the daughter is killed as soon as she is born.
Do daughters feast?
Who will bear their wedding expenses?
Who will protect them?
Along with finding answers to many questions like these, there is a great need in working for daughters. Therefore, we will make it possible through programs such as daughter's swanwar from the grant made by you.

We will use your grant to enhance our services. Those services which are provided free of cost will further enhance them with new technology so that the best facilities can be provided to the Yoga teachers, Yoga disciples and Yoga lovers.

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