Women’s Cell

Fire Element

Women's Cell

Shakti has always got a center position in yoga, similarly women have been concentrated as Shakti Swarup in the All India Yoga Teachers Federation. This place has been named as Women’s Cell by the Federation. Where there is only a group of women who work continuously to provide energy to the organization. This cell also empowers women in the same way that women of the family work together.

Why This Element:- 

As we have mentioned above, this cell is a reflection of the energy in which female power works together, that is why we have addressed this cell with the fire element from among the five elements.

** दोहा **

शक्ति ऊर्जा तत्व है, करे सृष्टि का संचाल,
शिव आधार है उस शक्ति का , दोनों का जोड़ बेमिसाल।
शक्ति बिना शिव भी शव, शिव बिना काली भी काल,
इहो एक मंत्र जानो जो बंधु, इह ज्ञान सारी सृष्टि ले संभाल।

Which means Power is the female energy element which is necessary in running the whole world, while Shiva is the basis of the power that controls it. Uncontrolled power can also become Kaal, and without power, the base is false and meaningless. Whoever gets this knowledge, he walks in life by making synergy.

What is it?

In this women’s cell, women from all over the country and every state sector are united, promoting their working, teaching style, as well as protecting the interests and interests of yoga teachers and making them decisive. For which we will set up women’s cell at national, state, district and city level and increase work and strength.

Why We need it?

Even though we consider ourselves a part of the modern era, even today, women are shy of coming forward even after being educated. They also have family responsibilities and some social restrictions. Therefore, through this cell, our aim is to bring all the educated women who are associated with yoga to a new platform. So that she can give new dimensions to her inner talent and empower herself and more women like her in life.

Aims & Objectives

  • Establishment of a women’s cell at each state, district and city level and appoint in-charge and co-incharge.
  • To create awareness about women empowerment through the Women’s Cell and to take the issues of the Union to the government through various channels.
  • The women’s women’s cell is a cell through which all state and district women members can take the issues of the federation to the government through video and e-mail.
  • Women are blessed with different talent, so linking their multi-tasking nature with the organization at different levels by providing good and proper platforms.
  • Empowering women and enabling them to end their weaknesses and do well for themselves and society, and the best development possible through yoga.


Pragya Gupta

Mrs. Pragya Gupta
Women Cell In-charge

My message to all female yoga professionals is, the way the yogi’s body is the bow, the arrow is Asana, and the self analysis is the goal, similarly the All India Yoga Teacher Federation is the bow, the woman is the arrow, and the empowerment of women is our goal. I believe only by empowering women can we empower the whole family.

ज़िम्मेदारी संग नारी, भर रही है उड़ान,
न कोई शिकायत न कोई थकान।

It’s my humble request to all female yoga professionals, Come and Join All India Yoga Teachers Federation.

I myself Anju Raj being the co-incharge of this cell here, invites you to join the movement for women’s empowerment and development. In which not only will you all be empowered, but the society will also be improved and the honor of women will also increase in the society.

नर,नारी का भेद मिटा, दुनिया नई बसाएंगे,
नई है डगर,नया है सफ़र, अब चारों दिशाओं में छाएंगे।

i would like to welcome all of you to the new universe of Female Yoga Professionals.

Anju Raj

Ms. Anju Raj
Women Cell Co In-charge