Sports Cell

Sky Element

Sports Cell

Sports are an integral part of life which we mostly play in childhood and as we grow our sports time gets shorter. There is some responsibility and some increase in the curriculum.
But we should not forget the game in life and leave it because our physical and mental development takes place through the sports. But if we talk about yoga as a game then it is not only physical, mental health but also social and spiritual development. Therefore, understanding its speciality and benefits, we have to combine, introduce yoga as sports in the lives of children right from the child’s stage.

Why This Element:-

If we talk about sports, then every player wants to touch the sky and to remind his dream again and again, the symbol of this cell has been kept as sky element. So that each player makes his goal big and think big for him.

** दोहा **

चिंता ही शमशान है, जीवन जब तक प्राण है,
हँसो खेलो आनंद लो, खेल भी जीवन की पहिचान है।

Which means Worry is the cremation, enjoy life as long as life is there, enjoy playing, sport is also the identity of life.

What is it?

Sports cell is a sports department. Which will work on yoga as sports. Its main goal is to bring credibility to sports and to give players their rights. For this purpose, we will transform the Yoga Games and will prepare the entire structure of presenting the Sects of Yoga as a game in a best way.

Why We need it?

If we talk about ‘Why was this cell needed?’ So you all must know this very well. Yoga is placed in sports. But the rules and laws of this game have been made by untrained, uneducated people, which is not fair. Because a person who is educated in yoga can only form the right rules of it and not someone who has knowledge of other disciplines.
Not only this, there is also injustice being done to the players playing in yoga, they are not getting their rights or getting proper gradation. For this reason, we have created this cell to revolutionize the yoga sports.

Aims & Objectives

  • Our objectives and goals are clearly clear about this cell. We will make universal rules and regulations in yoga sports so that the institutions/organisations associated with us will have to follow those rules and regulations.
  • We will not conduct any kind of yoga competition by our organization itself. but we will try to regulate maximum yoga competitions to maintain the quality and fairness of competition.Which will be very beneficial for the development of the players and the credibility of the game.
  • We will fight for the rights of the players and by cooperating with the government, we will bring such a rule that all the players should get justice and they get the benefit of playing yoga in all the jobs. Like other players get benefits.
  • Such rules and laws will be made that not only the knowledge of Aasans but their benefits, precautions should also be known. Along with this, we will also work on incorporating other parts of yoga into the game.


Sports Cell In-charge

I believe that yoga is an important sport in itself, But due to present senario physical teachers are there to conduct competitions or to teach yoga to students and the physical teachers cannot properly make yoga primarily as a sport due to lack of knowledge or less knowledge about yoga. Many institutions also not doing justice with the players of yoga for this reason. So, as an in-charge of this cell I assure you that, I will be stand with every player to protect his rights and will always work for their interests. 

As a consultant, I would love to address it to all of you. This cell is working on the rules and reliability of the game more than the game. In which my goal will be to get more yoga players involved and to clearly put their problems and suggestions in front of everyone. With this hope, I invite all of you yoga players to join us. This is your family and you have to be the family.

Thanks all of you and Welcome you to your family.

Viney Pushkarna

Mr. Viney Pushkarna
Project Advisor