Skill Development Cell

Water element

Skill Development Cell

Education has a precious place in life. And there is no fixed level of education nor any fixed age. We learn something from experiences at every moment of life, and a real teacher would be the one who kept on increasing his knowledge over time. Therefore, we can also say that the teacher is first a disciple and his curiosity to learn makes him excellent.

Why this element:-

Skill Development Cell is the water which will serve as the nectar in our organization, which is required by every member. That is why we have defined this cell with water element.

** दोहा **

जब लागे भर गयो ज्ञान गढ़ा, बहे तब नीर,
जानो इहो अहंकार में, बन जाना तब फकीर।
पद पद जानना उस सत्य को, पलट देता जो तखदीर,
ज्ञान से सब मिलता है, जिऊँ पाया ईश्वर हर जीव।

Which means When you feel that I have a lot of knowledge, then you miss the opportunity to get more education and knowledge. As the stuffed wick and water does not get filled up and the water gets clogged down. Whenever this kind of ego starts entering you, at the same time, consider yourself like a fakir that I have nothing and try to earn knowledge.

What is it?

In this cell, we work on the fact that, on every path in life, there is knowledge, whether a small person or a grown man, everyone has to learn, because education is the identity of the teacher. Therefore, we work to train teachers as well. So that their level of education can be increased from time to time as well as they can also develop skills.

Why We need it?

If we talk about why this cell was needed? So it becomes clear in very simple words. In the modern era, it is not enough to have knowledge only, but also how to bring knowledge to the top and spread it. Our yoga teachers are not yet familiar with technology and some other skills are also needed for their development. Therefore, by setting up this cell, we aim for complete development of all of them.

Aims & Objectives

Our goals and objectives for the teacher training and skill development cell are very clear & affirmative.

  • Our aim is that all yoga teachers should be trained in such a way that they can generate employment themselves. And the dream of a self-reliant India was realized.
  • Our aim is to promote qualification and quality in yoga through training. With which all yoga teachers will also get great quality of their teaching. Which will be helpful in public welfare.
  • Through teacher training, we will promote knowledge by emphasizing self-education. In which small free courses of small durations will be held. Such courses which develop in the knowledge of the teacher, are easy to do and beneficial for all. But the teacher also does not have to pay the fee.
  • While such courses will be made available to the members for free, on the other hand, to maintain their credibility, the examination will also be taken by the Organization. Which will make it clear who learned well and how many marks they got and a certificate will also be given.


Vikas Sharma

Mr. Vikas Sharma
Skill Development Cell In-charge

Welcome all yoga teachers and aspirants to join Akhil Bhartiya Yog Shikshak maha sangh and one of its panch mahabotha NATIONAL SKILL DEVELOPMENT CELL. Where all the experts in the field of Yogic Science will be available under one roof of ABYOGSMS.
We Welcome you to learn the insights of yoga along with online yoga skills to develop your online and offline classes with basic of social media skills in this Cell.
As we know that life is learning and if you are ‘learner then you are achiever’ so we learn grow and contribute on this platform.
Once again I welcome you to join for your future endeavour

As a consultant, I will address this to all of you. This cell will not only be confined to Yoga but will also work to make you self-sufficient and empowered in modern life. Where you learn on one side in it, your teaching abilities will also be increased and that is under perfect guidance and more important free of cost. I would say this in a line that it is a cell of empowerment of teachers by teaching of a teachers.

At last I would like to invite you to join this amazing cell and brighten the path with your positive light. Thanks!

Viney Pushkarna

Mr. Viney Pushkarna
Project Advisor