IT & Media Cell

Earth Element

It & Media Cell

Media is presently a substantial portion of our life along with society. The purpose henceforth and effects of media cannot be disregarded! It instructs, entertains and teach people in reforming, instruction, strengthening and reshaping the society, and it helps.

On the other hand IT and technology are the main part of today’s modern life, through which we can make easy contact with all our Yoga teachers, disciples and seekers sitting at a distance. We have to achieve outstanding achievements with the inclusion of both media and IT.

Why This Element:- 

Just as we all know that the Earth is the foundation of all of us and provides the structure, similarly the Media and IT Cell is also our foundation which provides the framework to reach our plans to every people. Therefore, we have denoted this cell with the earth element.

** दो सतरें **

पास बैठे सहयोग करो, उचित समय का उपयोग करो,
जागो जगाओ कलम उठाओ, भ्रष्टाचार का विरोध करो,
तकनीकी बनो इस आधुनिक युग मे, हर तथ्य प्रयोग करो,
मिटाओ दूरियाँ फाँसले हटा दो, आई टी मीडिया का संयोग करो।

This means that whenever there is time, it should be utilized properly, and if there is any corruption or wrong, do not sit calmly, you should oppose it by following every path and every way. When your voice is pressing, modern technology should be used and your voice should be raised through media and IT.

What is it?

If we talk about what this cell is, then this cell is an inclusion of media, technology and IT. We all know that in the modern era, using media, technology and IT, we can put our things before the society. And in this federation of yoga, it is a very important pillar through which we can reach our demands, our work and our voice very easily from one end to the other. Therefore, this cell will not only connect everyone for communication but we will also work to bring the voice of every yoga teacher to the government. And will also reach them through social media.

Why We need it?

As we all know that in democracy many things are in the public interest and a medium is needed to take their words to the government. The All India Yoga Teachers Federation is working daily to make this work possible through this cell. In which we have also started a magazine named “Yoga Kanti Patrika”. The need of this cell was because all the Yoga teachers are not able to express themselves in a personal way and often they do not even have enough information about how to talk and can be reached, so to make all these tasks easier The cell has been built.

Aims & Objectives

  • Educating the society – This is one of the most important roles of media to educate the society. One can explore and analyze various product reviews, do price comparison for various items, read news about politics, fashion, war, weather, health and much more with the help of media. Media exposes issues like poverty, illiteracy, social backwardness, etc. which really helps in educating a large number of audience. In Akhil Bhartiya Yog Shikshak Mahasangh we will focus on this to educate people by using technology and media.
  • Voice against social evils – Media also plays a major role in raising one’s voice for evil acts. Also, plays a constructive role in the society by raising social issues. For which we have many examples such as dowry, female foeticide, gender discrimination, etc. that have been raised by media quite well. In Akhil Bhartiya Yog Shikshka Mahasangh we will raise the voice against corruption and discrimination with yoga profession.
  • To produce competent manpower of international standard, trained and educated ininformation technology to perform efficiently in relevant fields
  • Information technology will not be limited to computer science only, rather mobile phones,radio, television data collection and processing of information are also to be included andemphasis will be given on its multi-angular necessity.
  • To get connected with all yoga teachers, students and sadhaks and provide them a right platform to speak. So, that they can put their side in front of everyone easily and frankly.


Media & IT Cell In-charge

I think we yoga teachers should modernize ourselves in this modern era, which is very necessary. And providing a modern and technical support to all Yoga teachers is my contribution to this federation. I will try not to subdue the voice of any of my siblings, so I will coordinate with all media and IT departments.

IT and media are a very important pillar of modern life. We should all work together to keep this column intact, because it not only helps us to put our thoughts before everyone
It gives freedom but it also makes us worthy that we are able to stand up for our rights and deliver our words where our words do not reach. And through IT technology, we should also contact and help our brothers and sisters who are sitting away. We should use this cell to uproot the roots of corruption, which is very important in today’s system.

Viney Pushkarna

Mr. Viney Pushkarna
Project Advisor