Yogcharya Mangesh Trivedi

Maangesh Trivedi


Mangesh Trivedi (Yog Guru)
CEO/Founder Yoga Karo
86 Masjid Lane, Bhogal, Jangpura, New Delhi – 110014


Mangesh Trivedi is a well known yoga personality who is know for his social work, kind and helpful nature. He is the National Convener of Akhil Bhartiya Yog Shikshak Mahasangh. 


In part of education Mangesh  earned a degree in Biology and Chemistry (BSc) and  did M.Sc. in Human Consciousness & Yogic Sciences M.Sc. in Human Consciousness & Yogic Sciences from Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya ,Haridwar


Mangesh trivedi  has been practicing yoga and meditation for 15  years in the traditions of Power Yoga.

He has specialization in Breathing Techniques, Meditation & Prayer for infinite creativity, and Abundant Dynamism with a calm and Serene Composure.

He also has specialization in science of making achievers with Ideal Thought process, Attitudinal Nature & Behavioral Science.

Skill Knowledge

  • He is a good spokesperson
  • Multi tasking person
  • Blessed with the idea of self-reliance


Being the national convener his goal is to provide help to each and every person linked to Yoga.

  • Making Yoga teachers self-reliant
  • Fight against the injustice being done to yoga teachers
  • Working in the interests of the Yoga, protesting against the wrong policies made by government officials
  • Support of all Yoga teachers against rigging in the name of Yoga
  • Provide a better and corruption-free environment to Yoga teachers, disciples, lovers 


  • Aaj Ki Delhi Achievement award – Best Yoga Guru)
  • Samta samaj Award
  • Young Humanitarian Award
  • Humanity Achivers award
  • Swaraj Rakshak Samman
  • Yog Ratn Maharshi Patanjali samman
  • Country pride award
  • Best humanitarian of the year
  • Yog rishi B k s Iyengar samman
  • Rashtra prahri samman

And many more award for spreading Yoga in different platforms


The All India Yoga Teachers Federation is a family and all members of this family are interconnected. Every yoga teacher, disciple and yoga lover have their problems related to each other, so we need to get together. Through which we can try to find solutions to these problems by sitting and discussing among themselves. And no effort made in life is fruitless.

I want to tell all of you that let’s do yoga and become yogi and live yoga. Which mean

  • Do yoga and bring unity like yoga. – Be unite
  • Be a yogi and make your supremacy everywhere – spread Yoga promote Yoga.
  • Live yoga and make yourself and Our society holistic.