Akhil Bhartiya Yog Shikshak Mahasnagh

In any organization, committees serve as its backbone. It is these committees that maintain a mutual balance and take stock and look at the tasks. On the basis of these facts, four main committees were formed for the best development of the institution, which will spread the work and message of the organization to the people and make the organization strong.

योगी बनो, सहयोगी बनो, समाज के लिए उपयोगी बनो।

Working Committee - is the committee of All India Yoga Teachers Federation that takes the work of the Federation to the ground level. This committee is formed in five levels all over India.

Working Committee

  1. At the national level
  2. At state level
  3. At the district level
  4. At the Tehsil level
  5. At the City/Village level

The problems that come up at all levels are collected, discussed and work is made to solve those problems. Looking at the level and sensitivity of the problems, the problems are discussed at different levels, which reach the national level from the city on priority.

The Joining Committee - is the second main pillar of the All India Yoga Teachers Federation, which primarily serves to connect other members of the family and identify within the family.abyogsms-joining-committee

As such it is clear from the symbol of this department that this department is related to identification and addition. Through which the following works will be done: -

  • Connecting individuals with organizations in their area
  • To give official recognition to members when they join the organization
  • Making a list of information and numbers of all members of the organization
  • Maintaining contact between Public Relations Committee and Coordination Committee

The Public Relations Committee is a glimpse of the modernization and socialization policy of the All India Yoga Teachers Federation. Through this committee contact is made up to the ground level. So that every person who for some reason has not become aware of the message and objectives of the Federation. Reach that person, introduce him/her to the works of the Federation.

In the Public Relations Committee, the following contact sources can be contacted by any person regarding his problems and the goals and objectives of the Federation.

Public Relation Committee

  • Mr. Vikas Sharma - +918851049425
  • Mr. Roshan Pathak - +919650629115
  • Mr. Sumit Sharma - +918630554413
  • Mrs. Pragya Gupta - +918826337301
  • Mr. Ashish Awasthi - +919453667130
  • Mr. Ranvijay Kaurav - +919630424514
  • Mr. Avnish Prihaar - +919711959473
  • Mr. Viney Pushkarna - +917355212966
  • Mr. Anjani Kumar Duey - +918957265588

Coordination Committee

The Coordination Committee is the pillar of each institution which helps one to run the organization and on the other hand works in making mutual contact of all. Through this committee each cell, each committee is attached to the governing body. With its help, we try to create the highest level of coordination in the All India Yoga Teachers Federation.

Most members of this committee are members of the core committee of the All India Yoga Teachers Federation, which is capable of taking all kinds of decisions.