No organization is less than a family, but like a big family, it works for the welfare of the society and the goal of family and continues to move forward. In our view, the organization is the only one which actually acts like a family. Where each person is equal and bears equal responsibilities. The All India Yoga Teachers Federation is one of the organizations that actually make the organization a family and take all yoga teachers, disciples, yoga seekers and yoga lovers together.

If we talk about the slogan of the organization then there is a very important message in it.

योगी बनो, सहयोगी बनो, समाज के लिए उपयोगी बनो।

Which means become such a brilliant person, who is an ally for everyone, and a person who does something good for the society.

Akhil Bhartiya Yog Shikshak Mahasnagh

If we pay attention towards the logo, it in itself reflects the objectives and goals of the organization. The aasan and leaves shown here in the logo reflect yoga and unity, while the middle section addresses human rights. Therefore, this logo represents an organization which is a symbol of unity and is made for the rights of Yoga Professionals.

The Establishment

Talking about the establishment, the establishment of this Organization/Federation is very interesting, this Organization came into existence after 21 June 2020 by the name of All India Yoga Teacher’s Federation. But the associations and teachers those formed this federation were already working for the rights of yoga teachers and the quality of yoga education. Therefore, we can say that this federation is formed by the inclusion of many associations and many yoga teachers. The Organization has gained fame due to its policies and objectives within two months.

The Founder

ConvenerIf we talk about “who is the founder of this federation?”, then we can’t revealed the name of one particular person, Because this organization is created by many yoga lovers. On other hand if we talk about the convener of the institution, then certainly there is one perticular name came front of all as Yoga Nayak. whose work is very commendable, who worked to connect the whole country through his personal, business and virtual connections.
His name is “Yogacharya Mangesh Trivedi“.


AOR of any organization is the main subject of identity. Which Stands for Aims, Objectives and Registration of any organization. In same way Akhil Bhartiya Yog Shikshk Mahasangh have its aim, Objectives and Registration done, Which is we have explained here below.


The first goal is to raise the voice against the injustice done to yoga education and teachers. And to make every effort in the constitutional way till they get justice.

Our vision is to make every resource available to all the brothers and sisters associated with yoga in their life for employment and boosting themselves.

To do everything possible to maintain the importance and proper level of Yoga education. With which the level of education in yoga should not only increase, but also generate employment in yoga.

Bringing the law to get yoga teachers registered as medical practitioners who taught yoga as a science. Through which Yoga therapy should be promoted and it saves the lives of millions.

The benefits of many schemes run by the government could directly reach the Yoga teachers. For this, creating a corruption-free route so that these schemes do not go into the wrong hands, but directly to qualified yoga teachers.


Akhil Bhartiya Yog Shikshak Mahasangh has been registered under society registration act 1860A Government of India. For the overall development and welfare of Yog Education, Yoga Teachers and Yoga Students.